Tall Tall Trees (see: bearded man) and Kishi Bashi rocked the hell out of the MoonRomantic in Aoyama.

I love me some tiny venues. This place probably had a capacity of 150-200 and it was two levels. So you might be able to imagine how cozy it was (think of Brick and Mortar, only half the size and stacked upwards).

This was my first ‘pop’ concert in Japan -I’ve been to see some classical music and a lot of street music. The crowd was insanely diverse. There were foreigners, not many considering he’s from Seattle. There were children; I wasn’t sure if he had family in the area or not, because I believe he has family in Japan. Watching the children, there were also adults and grandparents. It was crazy. The first time he invited the audience to clap, I was really nervous that it wasn’t going to work out, but the otherwise fairly still audience got right into it, never letting up until Mae (that’s what we’re calling the drummer because I can’t remember his name) went too crazy for everyone to follow.

There was one girl in particular that was standing a bit in front of me and to my left that was feeling the music more than others. She had this wonderful sway and her posture made it plain to see that her soul was mixing with the music.

All in all it was a pleasant experience. I moved around as much as I normally do and no one seemed to mind; though there was a young boy to my right that had no chance of seeing anything :(

I also met some very wonderful people who made waiting in line pleasant and accompanied me to get some much needed grub. My new friends were just as diverse as the crowd; an 18 year old high school student, getting ready for Entrance Exams and her father’s business partner, an older man in his mid to late 30s wearing clothes he designed himself. The young girl even has a promotional event group that she started with some friends at school, so I will have a straight plug into a lot more concerts coming soon.

Stick around to hear all about them.